Casa Lahori is a premium dining restaurant that is inspired by authentic Pakistani food,
as well as appreciates the fine work of artistry.
And this is reflected upon everything that we do.
Chicken Pakora

Chicken battered in gram flour, with special spices

Fish Pakora

Fish cubes battered in gram flour, with special spices

Samosa Channa

Deep fried flaky pastry, filled with mixed vegetables, herbs and spices served with Gabanzo curry


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Pick Up Spot

Our location is open on weekends and evenings to offer customers flexibility and convenience for their shipping needs.  Our dedicated team will even alert you when your package is ready for pickup.

Fast & Free

Home Delivery

To serve the most authentic HALAL Pakistani cuisine to our esteemed clientele, made fresh everyday straight from our kitchen to their table.

Delivery charges within 5 miles: $5.00


For every main dish, there is a perfect side.
Palak Paneer

Cottage Cheese mixed with a creamy spinach sauce, infused with spices

Channay Puri

Channay served with puri and chutney

Chicken Curry

Tasty Chicken smothered in a thick, spicy tomato masala

Chicken Biryani

Marinated Chicken and potatoes layered in Basmati long-grain rice, with lemon and herbs

Sheer Khurma

Serves 3 to 4

Friendly Service

Friendly, available, attentive and quick to take care of customers’ needs.

Original Recipes

Offering most popular traditional dishes of Pakistan and its authentic tastes

Curbside Pickup

No-contact curbside pickup is an attempt to promote social distancing

Fast Delivery

Wherever you are get your food delivered at your door steps.

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